How To Prepare Financially Before You Arrive in Canada

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There is nothing like being fully prepared for an adventure. But failing to prepare well is setting yourself up for failure. And this applies to when you are migrating to a new country. This is why this article focuses on how to prepare financially before you arrive in Canada as a new immigrant. If you…

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This is a good guide on what to consider as regards financial preparation. If you don’t want surprises, you need to start preparing early especially to be able to take care of your immediate financial needs when you arrive in Canada.

Unless you have a family member or friend that can accommodate you, you will have to rent a property as soon as you arrive. Some landlords might expect you to pay for several months ahead and this might hit deep into your settlement fund.

Based on my experience, I will suggest people start preparing as soon as they start the Canada immigration application process. @DotunA @Snack @Tolu