How To Prepare For a Rainy Day

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Unexpected expenses, market fluctuations, or a sudden job loss could leave you financially vulnerable. This is what I call rainy day. If you are wondering what this means, I will try to explain it below. A rainy day is a time of need or trouble. The truth is that most people are never ready for…


Nice points raised in this post. The starting point is actually avoiding debt at all cost. And this requires some form of discipline. This is where many people fall short.

I also like the idea of acquiring more skills. This COVID-19 period has taught us the needs to have transferable skills. The business models of most companies are changing and this requires the employees to develop new skill sets.

Thanks for sharing @robadele. One of the ways to remain relevant and avoid a rainy day is personal development. So, we all need to ensure we add value to ourselves daily. There are several ways to do it and this can be attending seminars, listening to podcasts or reading books. Whichever option you chose, just ensure you develop yourself.

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Which seminar(s) will you recommend?

Winter is coming but are you ready for Winter? The best time to prepare for winter is now.

See to learn how to prepare for Winter.

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