Immigration Journey: How To Turn Adversity To Blessing

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This is a continuation of our immigration journey series. In this series, we will be writing about the immigration journey of Ayobami Adeyemo. You will read about how to turn adversity to blessing. If Ayobami can do it, you can do it also. If you missed previous series, you can read them below: How an…

This is actually a story of grace. Some times what we call adversities are blessings in disguise. This reminds me again that no matter how tough your challenge is, things can always turn out for good. Let’s continue to have positive attitude.

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I agree with you @annika. We all need to learn to maintain positive attitude irrespective of the situation although this isn’t easy. This is why having the right support system comes in. This can come from friends or family members.

There has to be someone you can call in terms of needs that can have your back. If you currently have none, now is the time to build that support system.

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You are spot on. We all need to build good relationship especially because we are in a new location where we are far from our family and friends. :clap:t3: