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Event Alert - Q&A with an IT recruiter

AfricaX will be hosting Bona Agogamhe on Tuesday September 15, 2020 at 7pm. The event is free and will hold over Zoom. However, registration is required.

You can ask questions which will be posed to Bona on the call via this platform. You will require a subscription to do so.

Register to attend the event on eventbrite at the link below. We look forward to having you on the call.

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Question for the panelist

Are CompTIA Project+ and Network+ highly sought after in Canada, or do they prefer certain other certifications ahead of these two in the Project Management and IT fields?

  1. We hear about ‘Canadian Work Culture, Canadian Work Culture’ all the time when people want to talk about how immigrants should prepare for job hunting in Canada’s Corporate sector.

What exactly is this particular work culture about?

How does it differ from the corporate work culture here in Nigeria?

Are there things you can include in your Canadian Job Application Cv to show that you are aware of this culture dynamic?

  1. How true is it, that without having formal education from a Canadian institution, employers would not take your Cv application seriously?

  2. Which specific employers are providing the opportunity for job offers and interview to be given for PR-applicants in Toronto, who are yet to land in Canada?

  3. Regarding deciding where to live, for example Toronto, should one get their preferred job first before one leaves the temp AirBnB accommodation and then find a place close to the place of work or should one just get their own place and find whichever tech job one can locate within the borough or axis and work with it, even if it isn’t a firm/organization one really wants to work for?

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Working from home has impacted the need for standalone hardware support. Roles have been trimmed and moved and demand for onsite support has reduced. A good pivot option would be remote support work or cyber security and cloud technology.

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  1. Canadian work culture is your ability to fit in the environment. The nuances of speech, intonations, proper interpretation of gestures are all considered to be critical to interactions with colleagues and customers. More detail in the video on our YouTube Channel

  2. Your professional qualifications that are acceptable in Canada (PMP, Scrum, CBAP, AWS and other technical certifications) will get you attention, particularly if you have matching experience. Your education in Canada will always get you more attention. A certificate in your field coupled with volunteer experience will contribute to your landing that position.

  3. and 4, more specific to your immigration choices.


Thanks to everyone who attended the event.

The video is now available at Please watch and apply the tips. Also, share with your friends and family that may have missed the event.

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