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Starting a new business is challenging. However, with the right tools in your entrepreneur’s toolkit. it can be a whole lot less challenging. We are counting down 5 tools that would make a difference in your life as an entrepreneur. A tool to capture your expenses and accounting This will help you to track spending…

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this list contains great tools. For expense management, I will add expensify. It comes with an app you can download.

For social media, coschedule is a great tool to consider also. It allows you to organize all your social media marketing activities from one place.

Great list of tools Dotun.

I believe turbotax (Intuit) could also be included as a tax preparation tool.


Agreed @KMoh

I will like to add Later and Planoly to the social medial tool list. Both seems to focus on Instagram though.

@DotunA thanks for sharing.


I agree Turbotax is a great tool for preparing your tax returns at the end of it calendar year. You would need a bit more firepower for Corporate, Trust and Partnership taxes. Thanks for sharing this.

I’ll check out Planoly and Later as I haven’t encountered them before now.

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Nice one, and thanks for sharing.